Open Play Plus

1 hour of drilling with an instructor and 1 hour of playing to practice what you learned! The best of both worlds!

JUNE Social! POKEMON! Pizza! Pickleball! Joes vs Pros! Glow in the Dark!

Join us for our June Social! Don’t miss out on seeing DTL’s very own Snorelax! Come out dressed in your Pokemone onesies (you know you have one!)Our monthly socials are open to all levels – courts will be organized by level. Our socials are always a blast! Bring your friends and come out for food + pickleball!

Adult Boot Camps!

This 2 hour Low Intermediate Boot Camp will help get you to the higher level you’re seeking.

Adv. Beginner/Low Intermediate Series!

This 5 week series with Coach Lee Ann is designed to develop the techniques and mechanics. We will focus on development of the dink by introducing the lift and push dink and continue developing the serve and return with added depth. We will also introduce the drop and drive shots along with the volley.